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Basic Information

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Issuing Organization

City of Calgary

Owner Organization

The City of Calgary

Project Type

RFSQ - Request for Supplier Pre-qualification (Formal)

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The City of Calgary Green Line Light Rail Transit Project - Shepard Phase

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area

Job Location

Calgary, Alberta: 4th Street to 126th Ave SE



2019-08-12 19:26 MDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

2019-10-03 16:00 MDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

2019-10-24 14:00 MDT

Prebid Conference

2019-08-20 09:00 MDT

Contact Information

Saqib Tariq




The City of Calgary’s light rail transit (“LRT”) network is wholly owned and operated by
The City and currently consists of 60km of track, 45 stations, and transports over 320,000
passengers on the average weekday.

In March 2018, Calgary city council approved a design-build-finance (“DBF”) delivery
model for construction of the first stage of construction of the Green Line LRT, referencing
prior approvals provided by council in June 2017 for the full 46 km LRT alignment and
station locations (the “Green Line LRT”). The Green Line LRT will operate as a low-floor
LRT line and will not be physically connected to The City’s existing Red and Blue LRT
lines. The first stage of construction approved by city council covers north central Calgary
through the downtown core to the southeast (the “Green Line Stage 1 LRT Project”).
The Green Line Stage 1 LRT Project will be procured in two separate phases as
described below.

The first phase comprises an approximate 16km long low-floor LRT line extending from
the proposed 4th Street station through the Inglewood/Ramsay community to 126th
Avenue Southeast (the “Shepard Phase”). It will include a combination of approximately
1 km of elevated guideway and 15km of at-grade sections as well as a maintenance and
storage facility (the “Maintenance and Storage Facility” or “MSF”). Other key structures
include 10 stations (two elevated stations and eight at-grade stations), numerous bridges,
three park-and-ride facilities with a total of approximately 1900 parking stalls. The
estimated cost of the Shepard Phase is estimated to be $1.2 billion (“Project Cost”)

The second phase extends the Shepard Phase from 4th Street Station to 16th Avenue
North (the “Centre City Phase”). The Centre City Phase and the light rail vehicle (“LRV”)
supply are excluded from the scope of this RFQ.

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Pre-Bidding Events

  • Event Type

    Prebid Conference



    Event date

    2019-08-20 09:00 MDT



    Event Note

    The Applicants’ Meeting will be held via webinar hosted at www.calgary.ca/live on the
    date and at the time set out in the Timetable. During this session Applicant's can raise their question(s) by sending an email to following email address: greenline.procurement@calgary.ca

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Bid Submission Process

Bid Submission Type

Electronic Bid Submission


No Pricing

Bid Documents List
Item Name Description Mandatory
Bid Documents Documents defining the proposal Yes
Additional Bidding Instructions

Prequalification Submission Instructions

  1. Applicants shall prepare all Prequalification Submissions in English in accordance with the requirements and instructions set out in Appendices B, D, E and F and shall submit:
  1. one PDF document containing duly signed Prequalification Submission Forms:
    (A) Form D-1 – Master Submission Form;
    (B) Form D-2 – Consent Declaration for each Team Member;
    (C) Form D-3 - Conflict of Interest, Confidential Information, Litigation and Collusion Declaration,
    to be completed in accordance with the instructions contained in each form;
  2.  one searchable PDF document containing all the information required by Appendix B – Table 1 – Technical Submission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria, including the required forms set out in Appendix E – Project Experience Forms and Appendix F – Key Individuals Form (the “Technical Information”);
  3. one searchable PDF document containing all the information required by Appendix B – Table 2 – Financial Information Submission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria, including the required form set out in Appendix E – Project Experience Forms (the “Financial Information”);
  1. Applicants should not submit any information other than what is specifically required by this RFQ. Applicants should not submit promotional materials as part of their Prequalification Submissions and Applicants are strongly encouraged to be clear and succinct in their Prequalification Submissions. If there are page limits set out in Appendix B, the Applicant shall limit its Prequalification Submission, or each component of the Prequalification Submission, to the maximum pages indicated in Appendix B. Applicants are cautioned that The City will not review or score pages or other materials submitted in excess of the page limits. For greater clarity, any page limit set out in the RFQ Documents shall apply to all materials submitted by the Applicant in response to the item that is the subject of such limit, whether submitted in the text of the Prequalification Submission or included as an appendix, schedule or other attachment to the Prequalification Submission.

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