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City of Calgary

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RFP - Request for Proposal (Formal)

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Watershed Investment Strategy

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area



2019-08-23 14:32 MDT

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2019-09-10 16:00 MDT

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2019-09-13 16:00 MDT

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Phillip Lawrence




A Watershed Investment Strategy has been identified as a priority project for The City of Calgary, highlighted as key initiatives in both the Source Watershed Protection Plan and Riparian Action Program.
The project will consist of the following:
1: Create a Roadmap for the Watershed Investment Strategy and Program;
2: Develop the Watershed Investment Strategy and comprehensive cost-benefit analysis benchmark, tool and performance measures including ‘base condition’.
Success of the project will be achieved when the following four (4) outcomes have been completed:

1. Watershed Investment roadmap has been created and approved, to be used to inform subsequent work program;

2. Development of a Watershed Investment Strategy to include the following three sub-components;

  1. A land acquisition strategy intended to protect Calgary’s source watershed and riparian areas in Calgary limits; including recommended funding mechanisms, governance structures and potential priorities for land acquisition.
  2. A partnership strategy that outlines how The City could work with external parties to build watershed awareness and achieve watershed specific strategic outcomes.
  3. A micro-grant strategy that will formalize grant practices through the development of an evaluation and reporting framework and governance structure, intended to help The City direct micro-grant funds to meet integrated watershed management objectives.
3.  Corporate understanding of cost-benefits of a do-nothing / status quo approach vs watershed investment strategy implementation.
4. A set of replicable performance measures that can illustrate progress over time.
Any Agreement resulting from this opportunity will have a duration lasting until project completion.

This procurement process is not intended to create and will not create a formal legally binding bidding process and will instead be governed by the law applicable to direct commercial negotiations.

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