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Calgary Info Portal

Owner Organization

Calgary Comm Standards

Solicitation Type

NOI - Notice of Intent (Informal)

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Nice System maintenance and support

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area

Delivery Point

The City of Calgary



2019-08-28 15:04 MDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

2019-09-05 00:00 MDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

2019-09-12 16:59 MDT

Contact Information

Jina Lee




In November of 2004 The City published RFP 04-4763 requesting proposals for Voice Logging Recorder Solution. In September of 2005 NICE Systems Canada LTD was the successful proponent awarded contract.
The NICE system continues to be a critical communication tool for The City and is currently embedded in The City’s Public Safety operations providing crucial call recording functionality for telephony, rural radio and the Calgary Municipal Radio network. Maintenance and support is required in order to achieve full functionality, regularly scheduled updates and maintenance and support.
Notice is hereby given by The City of its intent to enter into a contract with NICE Systems for the maintenance and support for 36 months at an estimated cost of $100,000/year plus GST from 2019 April 22 to 2022 April 21
It is the intent of The City to award this contract for the following reason(s):
1. NICE Systems Canada LTD. is the only organization that is able to provide maintenance and support for their solution.
2. NWPTA Exception (g) only one supplier is able to meet the requirements of a procurement;
3. The Canada Free Trade Agreement Article 513(c) for additional deliveries by the original supplier of goods or services that were not included in the initial procurement, if a change of supplier for such additional goods or services:
(i) cannot be made for economic or technical reasons such as requirements of interchangeability or interoperability with existing equipment, software, services, or installations procured under the initial procurement; and
(ii) would cause significant inconvenience or substantial duplication of costs for the procuring entity, applies;
4. There is currently no budget to invest in new solutions and software maintenance and support is mandatory and critical.

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