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Calgary Info Portal

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NOI - Notice of Intent (Informal)

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ProjectWise Design Integration

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area

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2019-09-03 10:18 MDT

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2019-09-17 16:00 MDT

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2019-09-17 16:00 MDT

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Rob Wong




The City of Calgary signed a three year Enterprise level license agreement with Bentley Systems in May 2019. The City currently uses a wide range of Bentley Systems products including the on-prem version of the ProjectWise Design Integration solution. 

The City of Calgary has been using Bentley products for over 20 years. City staff have been using MicroStation, Descartes, ProjectWise Interplot and other Bentley software for engineering design and drafting projects and to provide support to other Business Units.  Using the family of Bentley CADD and engineering software has provided efficiencies in workflows to save time on performing tasks, completing projects and training staff. Integration and collaboration between projects and workgroups has improved due to having common tools and data format. ProjectWise Design Integration is the software which will provide The City with tools for managing engineering design, drafting, work-sharing and collaboration among teams.

Bentley Systems is the sole provider of MicroStation and related CADD software, which includes ProjectWise Design Integration (cloud) software.

The City intends to acquire the Cloud version of the ProjectWise Design Integration solution.  Bentley Products such as MicroStation, InRoads, Descartes, Bentley Map and ProjectWise Interplot software are already in use at The City as drafting, engineering design, printing and visualization tools by many business units. Adding ProjectWise Design Integration software will enhance The City’s ability to integrate existing Bentley tools and collaborate more effectively to manage our drawings. 

General knowledge and know-how of using Bentley products is a great advantage to ensure efficiency, consistency and time savings.  Bentley Systems is the only provider of ProjectWise Design Integration software and this product can provide a great platform and a stable foundation for future projects such as the Construction Drawing Electronic Submissions.

Bentley’s ProjectWise Design Integration software provides the functionality needed to support The City’s CADD Engineering Drawing Management and collaboration software requirements. Since Bentley Systems is the sole provider of MicroStation and related CADD software, it is recommended that the cloud version of the ProjectWise Design Integration solution be acquired and implemented.

Notice is hereby given by The City of Calgary (“The City”) of its intent to enter into contract with Bentley Systems Inc. for the provision of Cloud version of the ProjectWise Design Integration solution.

The estimated budget for this project is $372,425.00 excluding GST including deployment and five (5) years of operations.

It is the intent of The City to award this contract for the following reason(s):


  1. Under New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWTPA) exemption  (g) “where it can be demonstrated that only one supplier is able to meet the requirements of a procurement”, Bentley Systems Inc is the sole provider of licensing and support;
  1. The Canada Free Trade Agreement Article 513(c) for additional deliveries by the original supplier of goods or services that were not included in the initial procurement, if a change of supplier for such additional goods or services:
(i) cannot be made for economic or technical reasons such as requirements of interchangeability or interoperability with existing equipment, software, services, or installations procured under the initial procurement; and
(ii) would cause significant inconvenience or substantial duplication of costs for the procuring entity, applies.

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