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City of Calgary

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RFQ - Request for Quote (Formal)

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Decorative Streetlight Pole Refinishing in Mission, Elbow Park and 14 St Bridge

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area

Job Location

Misson, Elbow Park and 14 ST Bridge.



2017-07-03 14:52 MDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

2017-07-24 16:00 MDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

2017-07-26 16:00 MDT

Contact Information

Katie Chung




The City of Calgary has identified approximately 77 poles that require various degrees of painting or refinishing (refer to four map attachments). The City is seeking a qualified contractor to complete refinishing/painting of decorative poles in the areas by October 30, 2017.

Work includes:

  • Paint the full length of streetlight poles, excluding self-weathering Corten poles; Prepare the work site around poles for painting including digging to expose the pole base if required; 
  • Remove and properly dispose of all soil, dirt and excess materials such as old paint and rust scale created during the preparation process; 
  • Remove and dispose of all posters or notices taped or glued to the luminaire poles; 
  • Report to The City representative any physical damage to the poles that may have been found. Wait for instructions from the The City representative before proceeding with the painting; 
  • Supply all paint removal materials necessary for the performance of the work; 
  • Supply all paint, primer, thinners, masking tapes, rollers, brushes and all other incidental materials required for the performance of the work; 
  • Maintain a written record of each pole that is painted on a set of “As-Built” drawings; 
  • Submit the “As-Built” drawings within a month after the completion of the work; 
  • Contractor is responsible to ensure adherence to Temporary Traffic Control Manual (Current Edition)
Contractors bididng must be able to pass safety requirements to be considered further in evaluation of their 1) experience/qualifications references and 2) price.

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Additional Bidding Instructions

Each Bidder is solely responsible for ensuring that its submission is received and time stamped at:www.calgary.merx.com at or before the stated closing time in the Calgary Merx notice.  The system will not allow submission after the stated time.
Bidders are also advised to utilize the “Q&A” tab to submit questions or requests for clarification related to this bid.


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