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City of Calgary

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RFP - Request for Proposal (Formal)

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Climate Data for Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area



2019-02-07 09:20 MST

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2019-02-25 16:00 MST

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2019-03-05 16:00 MST

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Phillip Lawrence




The general scope of work will involve updating datasets that are used for planning, design and analysis of infrastructure.  Since the datasets are being used for long term planning and design of infrastructure over its life cycle which often extends over 60 - 100 years into the future, the update process will have to account for changes due to climate change. Also, since the rate of climate change is not linear and some assets may have relative shorter life cycles, it might be beneficial to prepare the datasets for mid-term (30-40 years) and long- term (70-80 years) projections. Furthermore, the extreme warm and cold weathers in Calgary must be considered.  The application of the datasets will include assessment of infrastructure that have long or short (new or old) life spans within The City. 
The exercise of getting similar datasets in a watershed scale for stream analysis is excluded from this project.
The required work will consist of two phases. 
Phase 1: Hourly Data
Phase 2: Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Curves

Any Agreement resulting from this opportunity will have a duration lasting until project completion.

This procurement process is not intended to create and will not create a formal legally binding bidding process and will instead be governed by the law applicable to direct commercial negotiations.

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