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18-1600 - Mobile Ticketing Solution


Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

City of Calgary

Owner Organization

The City of Calgary

Solicitation Type

RFP - Request for Proposal (Formal)

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Mobile Ticketing Solution

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area

Delivery Point

DDP Calgary Alberta Canada

Purchase Type

Duration: 3 years
Option: four (4) additional one (1) year terms



2018-08-30 14:01 MDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

2018-10-01 16:00 MDT

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

2018-10-23 16:00 MDT

Prebid Conference

2018-09-07 12:30 MDT

Contact Information

Debbie McKinnon




Calgary Transit (CT) a business unit of The City of Calgary (The City) that provides local public transportation to the citizens of Calgary.  CT would like to improve the range of options available to citizens for the payment of transit fares in a cost-effective manner; to achieve this, CT is seeking a Mobile Ticketing Solution (MTS) that will allow customers the option of self-service for the provisioning of transit fare products through a mobile application.  The solution provider will work with CT to develop innovative ways of improving efficiency, improve product security, and improving the relationship with our customers while at the same time, reducing cost of service over time.
The Mobile Ticketing Solution should:

  1. Be convenient for our customers
  2. Be account-based to strengthen the relationship with customers
  3. Be extremely secure and reliable
The Mobile Ticketing Solution should support The City’s security needs and include electronic validation, in real-time.  The solution provider should have an eye to the future and plans for expanding the fare collection options and components of their proposed solution.  The solution should be based on Open Standards.

The solution provider should have extensive experience in developing and implementing transit fare collection system and mobile ticketing. The mobile ticketing solution must be proven and operational, ideally in multiple transit agencies.  The success of Proponents’ ticketing solutions and customer experience should have allowed them to develop a roadmap for technology based on the real-world requirements of customers.

The Mobile Ticketing Solution should be account-based and your technology should be developed in a forward-looking manner allowing for integrations. CT envisions that this account will be able to foster and support a stronger relationship with CT’s customers.
This includes existing CRM like features supporting account maintenance and communication preferences and creation of numerous reports that support business performance monitoring and planning. This transcends traditional transit service and delivery and will be able to support a vision for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) where new opportunities will be available for supporting customer travel needs with other City approved transit providers.  It is important that the proposed solution can integrate with other local transportation service providers to make the process of requesting and paying for transit services seamless and simple.
The requirements for this RFP have been defined around the needs of key stakeholders of the solution. This is to ensure that the proposed solution can support the various needs of fare payment system stakeholders including customers, CT Revenue Collections, CT Planning, CT Operators, CT Public Safety and Enforcement Officers, and CT Operations Technology. Additional requirements from The City’s Information Technology and Corporate Security business units, and applicable legislation, are also included. 

It is envisioned that the Mobile Ticketing Solution will become a key piece of CT’s revenue collection system; however, other technologies and methods are currently, and will continue to be, used for fare collection.  It is the goal of CT to reconcile ridership and revenue across the fare collection system; as such, this RFP is structured around core and optional components. The core components are for the initial Mobile Ticketing Solution, whereas the optional components pertain to future phases and developments that will allow for barcoded paper media to be integrated using the Mobile Ticket Solution validation equipment.


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Pre-Bidding Events

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    Prebid Conference



    Event date

    2018-09-07 12:30 MDT


    Calgary Transit Technology Building, Mezzanine,

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Electronic Bid Submission


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