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18-039 - Standardization of Building Management Systems


Basic Information

Reference Number


Issuing Organization

Calgary Info Portal

Solicitation Type

NOI - Notice of Intent (Informal)

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Standardization of Building Management Systems

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Canada, Alberta, Calgary and Area

Purchase Type

Duration: 5 years



2018-10-24 09:37 MDT

Question Acceptance Deadline

2018-11-14 16:00 MST

Questions are submitted online


Closing Date

2018-11-19 16:00 MST

Contact Information

Heather Swiston



The City of Calgary (“The City”) is giving a Notice of Intent to enter into contract with Siemens Canada Limited – Building Technologies Division for continued use and implementation of Siemens Building Management System (BMS) at City of Calgary Facilities.
Background: Presently, The City has a proprietary Siemens BMS application architecture that was implemented approximately thirteen (13) years ago.   This hardware/software package (Siemens Apogee Insight) provides a means for Facility Operations Mechanical Maintenance workers to interact with their facilities via a Web Base Graphical Interface, provides real time editing and configuration capabilities for our BMS technicians from any City PC and provides remote mechanical system alarm monitoring capabilities 24/7/365. The Siemens Apogee Insight software was installed in 2007 and has had fifteen (15) version upgrades over the past eleven (11) years.  The Siemens Apogee Insight database is synchronized with the field panel database in real time as any database modifications are made either at the field panel or at the Apogee Insight database server. The current Apogee Insight system is nearing the end of its lifespan and will need to be migrated to the new Desigo CC system.
Scope of Work: A Direct Digital Control (DDC) system will be provided for the building mechanical systems which will be able to connect and communicate with the Facility Operations, Siemens Apogee Insight Database Server without the use of any gateways or protocol converters. Control systems to be Client Server based DDC System with capability of being controlled from the central station at the Manchester EMCS Control Centre.  Must be able to perform the following Edit/Configure functionality at the existing Facility Operations, Siemens Apogee Database Server:

  • Edit controller point definitions, physical or virtual
  • Edit controller point alarm definition levels and delays
  • Edit controller point trend definitions including trend graphs
  • Edit, download/backup field panel controller programs
  • Edit controller configurations and settings
  • Edit controller mechanical system schedules including zones and events
  • Controller database backup – automatic backup
  • Automatic controller database restored to the current state including all the point Command overrides
  • Terminal Equipment Controller configuration
  • Terminal equipment Controller configuration backup and restore
The Facility Operations, Apogee Insight Server must be able to automatically reload the entire field panel database in the event a field panel loses its database as the result of a cold start condition. BMS control systems that require manual database downloading at the field panel will not be permitted.

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Bid Submission Process

Bid Submission Type

Electronic Bid Submission


In attached document


In attached document

Bid Documents List
Item Name Description Mandatory
Bid Documents Documents defining the proposal Yes
Additional Bidding Instructions

For consideration any party that wishes to address this procurement action must submit in writing the following information:

  • Firm name and contact information;
  • Relevant specific information regarding the firm’s ability to address the specified procurement;
  • Ability to offer competitive products and services that will be advantageous to The City ; and
  • Brochures, marketing information and other non essential materials should NOT be included.
Information package must be submitted in English and need not be more than two (2) pages in length.
 Responses to the NOI must be submitted and electronically on the MERX portal located online at:
  • Responses to the NOI must be submitted and electronically on the MERX portal located online at: www.calgary.merx.com
  • All responses to this NOI must be submitted on or before the Submission Deadline. 
Questions regarding this NOI must be submitted using the “Q & A Tab” in the MERX online system at the location cited above.

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